What are some Reasons you Might Look into Home Care?

6 Reasons to try Home Care:
1- Honestly, where do you want to live?
2-There’s no risk to try home care to see if it’s right for you.
3-If your needs change, so do our services.
4-What was a stressful time, can now be an enjoyable family time.
5-You get to pick your care giver.
6-ONLY pay for the services you need!
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Last week I took a deep look at 10 Reasons Assisted Living is Better than Home Care and received tremendous feedback, comments and thoughts from many of our readers. It would be prudent to now switch the perspective and look into why home care is better than assisted living. To be fair, deciding between home care and assisted living is a challenge. Both lifestyles have beneficial elements but many Americans continue to choose home care over assisted living. Why?
Remaining in one’s home is almost always preferable over being in an institutional setting. For seniors, it can be very comforting to remain in the house that they have lived in for many years. Those who remain in their homes and receive care there are able to maintain the routines they have established which also contributes to a positive comfort level.
Patients who choose home care often have a greater sense of autonomy and therefore maintain a higher level of morale over those who choose other settings.
In a facility setting, the visits from friends and family may be more controlled due to visiting hours and security rules. For the patient who chooses to remain at home, it is easier to accommodate visits from friends and family whenever she decides to do so.
Faster Recovery From Illnesses
Those who choose home healthcare over an institutionalized setting often heal more quickly, according to research. Quality home healthcare professionals can often provide the same, or greater, level of care as those providers in hospital or assisted living facility.
Home Care Provides Independence
Those seniors who opt to stay at home rather than move to an assisted living community are more able to exercise decision making skills and choose their own activities. For many, the independence that exists while living at home rather than in a facility is a top reason for choosing home care.
Family and Friend Involvement
When a patient chooses home healthcare over assisted living it gives her the opportunity to better involve her friends and family with treatment choices. Having the help of friends and family is often preferred over care delivered by those with whom a patient is less familiar.
The cost of home care can be more affordable than assisted living facilities. Insurance may help to cover costs and individuals may find that their living expenses are far less when living at home rather than in an assisted living community.
Home care can be a much more safe alternative for patients, particularly those who have compromised immune systems. Being at home minimizes the risk of infection or catching contagious colds or other conditions.
Home care offers the benefit of continuity. The providers are almost always the same and therefore promote relationship building between patients and care providers. The rotational nature of staff in many assisted living facilities does not offer the same comfort and ability to build relationships and trust.
Better Care
By receiving one on one care from a known care provider in the home, the patient is likely to receive a higher quality of care than in an environment that is less consistent or unfocused.

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