My Approach

I believe that everyone has a choice.  They may not always be obvious, but people have a right to decide how they receive care.  People want to stay in their home and I want to provide that option to them.  That is where I would want to receive care.  People also have a right to high quality care.

In addition, when someone is in their home it is a more stress free environment.  They are more likely to be connected and active in their care.  They are more likely to recover sooner and be healthier.  They feel safe in their surroundings.

The family has a peace of mind knowing their loved one is where they want to be and is cared for.

My Story

I chose to become a nurse after my father had triple bypass surgery on Christmas Eve when I was nineteen years old.  After over twenty years in the nursing field I have never regretted that decision.  It has taken me to more than one country and in many different areas of nursing.  I have always loved it and the many patients I have encountered.  It has been challenging and loving at the same time.  The most important lesson I have learned is that when patients are given a choice, they excel in their recovery.  That is why I champion this type of health care.  I have also reflected on what I would chose where I to become ill.  I want to provide if for people in the hopes that when it is my turn there will be an angel to do that for me as well.

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