People often have a lot of questions and I will try to answer a few, but if you have addition questions please reach out to me.

What is the home assessment?

I will meet with you and your loved ones and discuss exactly what your needs are and what you want.  We will review any doctor’s orders and your medical history.  I will discuss what I can offer and how it can be done.  We will go over how that will look like.  Then we will make a plan and if everyone is in agreement I will make up a contract.  Then we will set a time and a date.

What is the home visit like?

I will arrive as scheduled.  I will start by doing vital signs and a nursing assessment if that is appropriate.  I will work with you as we have outlined in the contract.  A home visit usually lasts anywhere for a half an hour to four hours unless we have decided otherwise.  I will not leave until both of us have agreed we have done everything we have agreed upon.

What kind of payments do you take and how much do you charge?

The initial home assessment is free.  Anything after that is by the hour.  Any mileage incurred is charged by the IRS mileage reimbursement schedule.  Any supplies needed I can get from a local pharmacy if I know ahead of time and you can reimburse me unless you supply them yourself.  You can pay me with check, cash or credit/debit card.  Sorry, I do not take payment in trade.  Payment is due upon services rendered.